Conservative Roman Catholics denounce their pedophile founder

This video is called Vows Of Silence — Marcial Maciel, the Legion of Christ, and Regnum Christi.

From Associated Press:

Legion orders images of disgraced founder removed

December 13, 2010 – 11:18am

MEXICO CITY (AP) – The Legionaries of Christ is ordering images of its disgraced founder removed from its buildings worldwide as part of Vatican-mandated reforms.

The conservative order says photographs showing the late Rev. Marciel Maciel alone or with the pope must be removed from its installations.

Maciel founded the influential Legion in Mexico in 1941. He was dogged for years by allegations that he abused seminarians. But it was only after his 2008 death that the order admitted the allegations were true and that Maciel had fathered three children.

The Legion also announced on its website Monday that it was prohibiting the celebration of Maciel’s birthday. It also banned the sale of Maciel’s writings inside Legion centers.

Clerical sexual abuse in the Netherlands: here.

The Irish government has rejected calls for the Murphy Commission to investigate every diocese in Ireland for child abuse following the sensational findings in Wexford and Dublin and major revelations expected in the just concluded investigation into the Cloyne diocese: here.

WikiLeaks Internet game

This video says about itself:

One of the biggest leaks in U.S. military history has exposed several cover-ups over the war in Afghanistan, including the deaths of hundreds of civilians. The whistle-blowing website, Wikileaks, handed over 90-thousand classified documents to British, American and German newspapers.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

The Dutch economics student Sebastian Moeys has developed a WikiLeaks game and has put on his own website. The game has been played nearly one million times by now.

In the game, the player, playing Julian Assange, tries, without being seen, to download secret documents from the computer of President Obama. Obama sits behind his desk, but occasionally falls asleep.

The game is here.

Wikileaks: The Movie. Excellent must watch documentary by Swedish equivalent of BBC. It’s in English: here.

Wikileaks, Rendition, and the CIA’s Italian Job: here.

Pro Wikileaks demonstration in Amsterdam: here.

Report: Assange accuser flees to Middle East, may not be cooperating with police: here.

The Misplaced US Determination To Indict Assange: here.

Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is confronting a growing backlash within her own party, with more Labor MPs yesterday attacking the Prime Minister’s language and declaring their support for WikiLeaks’s founder Julian Assange and free speech: here.

TIME readers want WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to win person of the year: here.

Tyrannosaurus rex video

This is a BBC video about Tyrannosaurus rex.

“King” of dinos called more hyena than lion: here. See also here.

A giant predatory theropod dinosaur, similar in size and stature to Tyrannosaurus rex, has been identified by palaeontologists. The new dinosaur, named Zhuchengtyrannus magnus, probably stood four metres tall, was 11 metres long and weighed around six tonnes: here.

New Madagascar lemur discovered

This video is called Sifaka lemurs leaping and locomoting in Madagascar.

From the BBC:

New species of lemur discovered in Madagascar

A species of fork-marked lemur believed to be new to science has been found in the forests of Madagascar.

The find is revealed on the BBC documentary Decade of Discovery.

Primate expert and president of Conservation International, Russ Mittermeier, first spotted the lemur during an expedition in 1995, but has confirmed its existence whilst filming the documentary this year, when he and his colleagues captured and took blood samples from the small primate before returning it to its forest home.

Genetic testing of these samples should confirm whether the animal is indeed a new species.

Dr Mittermeier, however, is already convinced that it is.

Forked-marked lemurs belong to the genus, or group of species, called Phaner. If confirmed as a new species, this would be only the fifth member of that group.

Following the call

Dr Mittermeier first saw the squirrel-sized creature in Daraina, a protected area in the northeast of Madagascar.

He was there in search of another lemur – the golden-crowned Tattersall’s sifaka (Propithecus tattersali), a much larger species only discovered in 1988.

“I was surprised to see a fork-marked lemur there, since this animal had not yet been recorded from the region,” he recalled.

“I immediately knew that it was likely a new species to science, but didn’t have the time to follow up until now.”

So in October of this year, the researcher led an expedition – including geneticist Ed Louis from the Omaha Zoo and a film crew from the BBC’s Natural History Unit – to the same area, where they managed to track down the animal. …


Phaner lemurs have a black, Y-shaped line that starts above each eye and joins together as a single line on the top of the head, creating the fork that gives these animals their common name
Their large hands and feet help them grip onto trees
The lemurs vocalise with the loud, high-pitched night-time call
They tend to run rapidly along horizontal tree branches and to jump from one branch to the next without pausing
Their diet consists of a high proportion of gums exuded by trees and nectar from flowers
A long tongue enables them to slurp up nectar and a specialised toothcomb acts as a scraping tool to bite into tree bark

See also here.

Dwarf and mouse lemurs are the smallest primates on the planet: here.

Poacher is caught in Madagascar with 32 grilled lemurs: here.

Contrasting coat colours make the red ruffed lemur one of the most beautiful lemurs: here.

Indri video: here.

Greater bamboo lemurs are a step further from extinction as new populations are discovered: here.

Golden bamboo lemur: here.

Like its larger relatives Archaeoindris and Palaeopropithecus, Babakotia was a specialized type of primate known as a “sloth lemur,” a ponderous, long-legged, sloth-like mammal that lived high up in trees, where it subsisted on leaves, fruits and seeds. No one knows exactly when Babakotia went extinct, but it seems to have been around the time the first human settlers arrived on Madagascar, between 1,000 and 2,000 years ago: here.

WWF to Madagascar’s president: keep your promise and stop illegal logging: here.

Tenrec discovery on Madagascar: here.

A new species of Paretroplus (Teleostei: Cichlidae: Etroplinae) from NE Madagascar: here.

In an effort to help address this critical need for data about the diversity and distribution of life on our planet, scientists from the California Academy of Sciences have spent the past year exploring some of the most diverse—and often most threatened—habitats on Earth, searching for new species and creating comprehensive biodiversity maps. In 2010, these scientists have added 113 new relatives to our family tree, including 83 arthropods, 20 fishes, four corals, two sea slugs, two plants, one reptile, and one fossil mammal. The new species were described by a dozen scientists from the California Academy of Sciences along with several dozen international collaborators: here.

A new evolutionary history of primates: here.

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WikiLeaks news

US president Barack Obama made his first direct remarks about the recent WikiLeaks release, calling the publication of the documents “deplorable,” as the US continues to seek a means of prosecuting the organization’s founder: here.

This video from the USA is called DynCorp, US tax funds child prostitution – Operation Leakspin.

WikiLeaks document points to US contractor role in “dancing boys” incident: here.

The worldwide witch-hunt against the jailed founder of WikiLeaks data-journalist site, Julian Assange, an Australian national, has received rabid support in French political circles. Some of the most poisonous statements have come from the bourgeois “left” Socialist Party (PS) and its middle class ex-radical satellites, such as the New Anti-capitalist Party (NPA) of Olivier Besancenot and Lutte Ouvrière (Workers’ Struggle, LO): here.

WikiLeaks: UK may turn over files detailing murder of Northern Ireland civil rights attorney: here.

“Every new publication by WikiLeaks has unleashed a wave of support, and donations were never as strong as now”: here.