Bangladesh police kill workers


This video is called Police Beat Striking Textile Workers In Bangladesh.

ARMED police shot into crowds of protesting workers demanding a new minimum wage at a Bangladesh industrial zone on Sunday, killing three and injuring around a hundred: here. And here.

Thousands of garment workers kept up protests in Bangladesh today over bosses’ failure to pay them the new minimum wage, a day after four people were killed in clashes with armed police: here.

The British government has been training a Bangladeshi paramilitary death squad, leaked US embassy cables have revealed: here. And here.

Cables released by WikiLeaks reveal how the British government provides training to a Bangladeshi government paramilitary force specialising in executing political opponents: here.

Further evidence has come to light of the relationship between British governments and a Bangladeshi paramilitary death squad: here.

Energy at What Cost? Protests Against Forced Eviction From US-Backed Coal Mine Continue in Bangladesh. Kate Hoshour and Christine Shearer, Truthout: “As the sun rose on March 28, 2011, roughly 2,000 people gathered to demonstrate against a mining project that would displace tens of thousands of people in northwest Bangladesh and establish one of the largest open pit coal mines in the world. Located in an agricultural region that is home to thousands of farming and indigenous families, the Phulbari Coal Project has been fiercely opposed by Bangladeshi citizens for over six years. Regardless, the UK-based company pursuing the project, Global Coal Management Resources, or GCM (formerly the Asia Energy Corporation), is expressing confidence that the mine will go forward”: here.

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