8 thoughts on “New Zealand mine bosses’ greed killed workers

  1. Search for dead miners stopped

    NEW ZEALAND: Police abandoned efforts today to recover the bodies of 29 workers from a coalmine that was rocked by a series of explosions in November.

    Police Commissioner Howard Broad said it was too dangerous to keep searching and he would not risk more lives in the Pike River mine on South Island.

    “It’s time to focus on the living and memorialise those men who have died,” he said.


  2. Mine boss admits to safety failings

    NEW ZEALAND: Pike River Coal chief executive Peter Whittall told the ongoing inquiry into last year’s mine blast that killed 29 people today that he had known a four-inch pipeline to remove methane gas was “inadequate” from the moment it was installed.

    He had always meant to replace it with a larger one, he said.

    But he said that the “frustration” of dealing with six different mine managers in two years combined with “a cash-flow problem” had led to no action being taken.


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  5. Aus firm admits safety breach

    NEW ZEALAND: An Australian drilling company pleaded guilty today to safety violations in connection with a 2010 coalmine disaster that killed 29 miners.

    VLI Drilling faces a maximum 750,000 NZ dollar (£387,000) fine for failing to keep its three employees at the coalmine safe.

    Nine safety and health charges also are pending against bankrupt mine operator Pike River Coal which employed the rest of the victims.


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