Israeli anti-Wilders demonstration

This video is called Islamophobia – Nobody should suffer in silence.

On 5 December, there was a demonstration in Israel against visiting Dutch xenophobic politician Geert Wilders.

WikiLeaks confirms Fatah sought Israeli-US support for attack on Hamas: here.

Former Israeli soldiers who have testified against army abuses have for the first time given up their anonymity, to make their voices all the harder to ignore. Donald Macintyre gets an exclusive preview of a powerful new book: here.

JERUSALEM — Former President Moshe Katsav was convicted Thursday of raping an employee when he was a Cabinet minister, the most serious criminal charges ever brought against a high-ranking official in Israel and a case that shocked the nation: here.

3 thoughts on “Israeli anti-Wilders demonstration

  1. EU warns the Netherlands on Polish deportation plan

    Saturday 26 February 2011

    Europe’s justice commissioner Viviane Reding has warned the Netherlands that it must respect EU rules on the freedom of movement between member states.

    The Telegraaf says the minister was referring to plans by home affairs minister Henk Kamp to deport Polish migrant workers who lose their jobs or cause a public nuisance.

    If the Netherlands fails to comply with EU legislation, the commission will make its position ‘loud and clear’, the commissioner said. ‘All member states are equal and the rules are transparent,’ she said.

    On Friday, Poland’s ambassador to the Netherlands said recent anti-Polish statements by politicians ‘border on discrimination’.



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