Billions for bankers, unemployment for workers

The US unemployment rate rose to 9.8 percent in November, the highest in seven months, and an indication that the economic slump that was triggered by the September 2008 Wall Street crash has far from run its course: here.

Millions Bracing for Cutoff of Unemployment Checks: here.

Bankers celebrate bailout, cartoon

The US Federal Reserve Board on Wednesday released documents on emergency measures it took between 2007 and 2010, using taxpayer funds, to bail out major financial firms in the US and around the world: here.

In yet another concession to international banks and speculators, European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet announced Thursday that the ECB would continue its policy of making unlimited liquidity available to the banks well into next year: here.

3 thoughts on “Billions for bankers, unemployment for workers

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