Laura Dekker, youngest person ever to sail around the world?

This is a Dutch TV interview with Laura Dekker. Her ship just left the Cape Verde islands, intending to cross the Atlantic, and then sail all around the world, with just Laura on board. In the interview, Ms Dekker says she hopes to see dolphins in the Atlantic.

Laura Dekker is fifteen years old. If her plans succeed, then she will become the youngest sailor ever to circumnavigate the world alone.

UPDATE: Sailing Girl Laura Dekker Won’t Make Guinness Record: here.

Save Japan Dolphins: A Message From Ric O’Barry: here.

Brushfire disaster in Israel

This video is called 2nd Dec. 2010 – Storyful – Haifa Fire Mt. Carmel Israel.

Firefighters from other countries begin assisting Israel with deadly brushfire that has killed 41 people – Al Jazeera: here.

UN joins Israel firefighting effort: Ban Ki-moon offers to mobilise more support as Israel battles deadly forest fire: here.