Greek disabled fight EU-government cuts

This is a video about demonstrating Greek dockworkers.

Here is a video of an anti-cuts protest in Athens, Greece.

THOUSANDS of disabled people and their carers gathered in central Athens yesterday to protest against benefit cuts imposed by the government in return for a loan from the EU and International Monetary Fund: here.

Britain: Unions and campaigners marked the International Day of Disabled People today amid fears that government benefit policies are pushing many disabled workers to crisis point: here.

2 thoughts on “Greek disabled fight EU-government cuts

  1. Military ‘could run air traffic’

    (UKPA) – 1 hour ago

    The Spanish government has said it will allow its military to take over control of airspace if air traffic controllers do not return to work.

    In a statement, the government called on the controllers to resume work “immediately” or “defence will assume control of airspace”.

    A mass walkout by the country’s air traffic controllers forced the country’s air traffic authority to close eight airports, including the major European hub in Madrid on the eve of a major national holiday.

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