Brushfire disaster in Israel

This video is called 2nd Dec. 2010 – Storyful – Haifa Fire Mt. Carmel Israel.

Firefighters from other countries begin assisting Israel with deadly brushfire that has killed 41 people – Al Jazeera: here.

UN joins Israel firefighting effort: Ban Ki-moon offers to mobilise more support as Israel battles deadly forest fire: here.

2 thoughts on “Brushfire disaster in Israel

  1. Death toll from weather rising

    POLAND: At least 30 people have died since temperatures plunged to -33?C on Tuesday, with reports of up to 18 people freezing to death on Thursday night alone.

    The deep freeze has also claimed around eight lives in the Czech Republic since the beginning of the week, while in Slovakia two people were reported to have frozen to death. Another five people have died in Lithuania.

    Authorities, meanwhile, declared a state of emergency in three Balkan countries – Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro – and evacuated hundreds of people after heavy rainfall caused severe flooding along the Drina River, the worst in 104 years.


  2. Firefighters rush to Israel’s aid

    ISRAEL: Foreign firefighters and aircraft poured in yesterday in an unprecedented wave of support as the country battled a huge forest fire that has killed at least 41 people and displaced thousands.

    Israel’s 1,400 firefighters struggled for a second day to contain the inferno as flames spread through one of the country’s few natural forests to the outskirts of Haifa.

    Some 100 firefighters from Bulgaria have arrived as well as fire extinguishing planes and crews from Greece and Britain. More help is on the way from several other countries.


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