Mining corporations in Africa

This video about Ghana is called Glitter or Gloom? Mining West Africa’s ‘Gold Coast’.

Mining companies are not interested in Africa‘s development. Despite the rhetoric, they have violated human rights and left communities dispossessed, say Ray Bush and Yao Graham: here.

Canadian mining companies — global land grabs, displacement and grassroot resistance: here.

Julio Godoy, Inter Press Service: “Wikileaks cables have revealed a disturbing development in the African uranium mining industry: abysmal safety and security standards in the mines, nuclear research centres, and border customs are enabling international companies to exploit the mines and smuggle dangerous radioactive material across continents. The Wikileaks cables reveal that US diplomats posted in a number of African countries – the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Tanzania, Niger, and Burundi, among others – have had direct knowledge of the poor safety and security standards in these countries’ uranium and nuclear facilities”: here.

4 thoughts on “Mining corporations in Africa

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  2. Minister hits out at criticism of Chinese

    CONGO: Information Minister Lambert Mende described a recently published Amnesty International report on working conditions in the country’s mines as “unfairly targeting” Chinese companies.

    Mr Mende said the government had taken note of serious accusations in the report and was concerned about conditions for miners, but he questioned why Chinese firms had been singled out for criticism.

    He said: “Mining companies in Katanga are of 30 different nationalities. None of them offer different conditions to the Chinese companies.”


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