British Conservatives discriminate against women

This video is called Equal Pay Day. Paying women less is insulting.

By Louise Nousratpour in Britain:

Tories tear up equal pay law

Thursday 02 December 2010

The government scrapped legislation today that would put a legal duty on employers to disclose whether they pay women less than men.

Business organisations rejoiced at Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone’s decision not to enact Labour plans to extend mandatory gender pay reporting to private companies with 250-plus employees.

Employers will be left to police themselves about whether they are breaking equal pay law – despite clear evidence that the voluntary approach has failed.

Ms Featherstone also confirmed the government’s intention to scrap the socio-economic clause, which would have put legal duties on public authorities to reduce inequality by taking into account disadvantage and poverty when making decisions about policies. …

Under the now scrapped section 78 of the Equality Act 2010, employers had been given until April 2013 to make voluntary arrangements work or face mandatory pay audits.

But the coalition government has now kicked equal pay further into the long grass by giving no deadlines to bring rogue employers in line.

Adam Marshall of bosses’ club the British Chambers of Commerce hailed the government for removing “the burden of compulsory gender pay reporting.”

Fellow fat cat Miles Templeman of the Institute of Directors even blamed women for pay discrimination, claiming: “Hard evidence shows that influences and choices made by women at the pre-employment stage are what generally lead to average gender pay differences.”

Public-sector union Unison general secretary Dave Prentis slammed the decision to abandon legal pay audits as yet more evidence that this government is no friend of women.

“Women public-sector workers face a triple whammy – frozen pay, cuts to services and now further delays in giving them equal pay,” he said.

“It is a disgrace that women are still getting paid less than men. This move threatens to turn the clocks back on all the progress already made with equal pay.”

A landmark study today put Britain in the bottom four of the OECD countries in terms of equal parenting, the gender pay gap and other equality issues.

The Fatherhood Institute highlighted that women were still paid on average 21 less than men in Britain compared with 9.3 per cent in Belgium.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: “The decision not to introduce mandatory gender pay reporting, despite the failure of the voluntary approach, will allow employers to continue to obscure sex discrimination in pay systems.”

Equality campaigners lost their High Court bid today to challenge the legality of the government’s budget cuts which hit women far harder than men: here.

Gender pay gap in Australian banking: here.

South African companies, govt. get “flogging” for lagging in gender equality goals: here.

USA: 21 Companies That Have Excluded Women From Leadership: 24/7 Wall Street: here.

The World Has 946 Billionaires; 83 are Women: here.

Less than 10% of the World’s Billionaires Are Women: here.

Women earn less than men in 107 of 111 occupations: here.

3 thoughts on “British Conservatives discriminate against women

  1. Cameron’s gender hypocrisy exposed

    POLITICS: The Prime Minister was accused today of failing to give enough Cabinet jobs to women, while urging Britain’s top companies to promote females.

    Two-thirds of Britain’s top 100 companies have so far ignored calls to set targets for boosting the number of women they have on their boards, a progress report revealed today.

    At the same time, David Cameron hosted an event in Downing Street for executives from FTSE 100 firms, whom he previously urged to give more boardroom-level positions to women.


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