High heels hurt women

This video is called How to Walk in High Heels: History of High Heels.

From the Daily Mirror in Britain:

34 minutes – the time it takes before a woman’s new killer heels cause her crippling pain

By Richard Smith 27/11/2010

Agony after 34 minutes

It’s not just footing the bill for those expensive designer shoes that will hurt

The average woman is able to wear her high heels for only 34 minutes on a night out before the crippling pain sets in.

And 40% take a pair of pumps to change into because they know their designer shoes will rub.

Yet half of those in a survey said they own a pair of killer heels which hurt to wear but they put up with the pain because they look great. Three in 10 have worn an uncomfortable pair to prove a point to a partner.

Podiatrist Erika Gibbins, of shoe insert firm Insolia which carried out the poll, said: “So many women will be able to relate to these findings as they have been victims of painful shoes, but persevere in the name of fashion.

“The fact women are resorting to carrying a second pair of shoes means they need to do something so they can enjoy their nights out.”

The study also found the average woman has suffered from foot pain at least six times in the last 12 months.

More than half have had to walk home bare-foot from a night out,

They cannot always do that. For instance, now the “festive season” approaches in Britain. While winter temperature is colder than ever.

while 10% have borrowed someone else’s shoes.

Women on average spend five years of their lives, or 37 days a year, on shopping trips to buy fashion items, a poll for next week’s Clothes Show Live found.

It is no secret that high heels are ‘bad’ for your feet and over time they can cause all sorts of foot problems, but it’s the day after wearing high heels that women can have major foot pain or discomfort: here.

Sky-high stilettos are now injuring more women than sports accidents in New South Wales (NSW): here.

High-heeled shoes are reaching new heights: here.

On Snow Flower, Female Friendship, and the Madness of High Heels: here.

We all know the pain of high heels after a long day or the soreness of walking several miles in flats. But what are our shoes actually doing to our feet — and which shoes are the ones we really should be wearing? We talked to Dr. Jacqueline Sutera, a doctor of podiatric medicine and surgery in New York City, and Dr. Neal Blitz, Chief of Foot Surgery/Associate Chairman of Orthopedics at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital and the creator of the Bunionplasty, to break down the dangers of all our favorite shoes: here.

USA: Sarah Palin’s Brand of ‘Feminism’ More Popular With Men Than Women: here.

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