Economic crisis, workers and students resist

The American corporate and financial aristocracy is celebrating a unprecedented wealth, even as the social crisis facing the vast majority of the population deepens: here.

According to an ongoing investigation, thousands of signals in New York City’s subway system were not inspected despite official reports asserting that they were: here.

Support the National Demonstration Against the Cuts - 12 noon on Nov 27th at Wood Quay Dublin

Ireland’s government unveiled its four-year “recovery plan” yesterday, which will aim to reduce its budget deficit to 3 percent of GDP by 2014: here.

See also here.

Britain: as furious students took to the streets yesterday, the new general secretary of the Unite union said he is convinced that people power could bring down the ConDem government whose cuts are battering millions: here.

Police tactics used against student protesters on Wednesday were condemned as “outrageous and unacceptable yesterday by anti-cuts groups the Coalition of Resistance and National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC): here.

Student protests: Met under fire for charging at demonstrators: here.

TEN universities remained occupied yesterday, including an historic building at Oxford University, while a national ‘student strike’ was called for next Tuesday, November 30: here.

Yesterday’s general strike in Portugal brought the country to a halt, as millions of workers from the public and private sector stayed away from work ahead of a vote in Congress on the government’s budget and austerity measures: here.

Demonstrations by Italian students against the attack on public education came the same day as further mass demonstrations of students in Britain: here.

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