Crisis continues, but not for millionaires

This July 2012 video says about itself:

Inside The World Of The Global Super-Rich

Richie Rich Gets Richer: The widening gap between the world’s rich and poor.

As stock market soars: US House fails to extend jobless benefits: here.

New York’s billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled plans Thursday for eliminating the jobs of 10,000 city workers and slashing spending by nearly $1.6 billion: here.

A week after the November election, California’s budget deficit projection has been revised sharply upward, and a special legislative session has been called to implement new cuts: here.

California students protest tuition increases. A University of California police officer drew his gun at protesting students in San Francisco on Wednesday: here.

The aim of the current offensive by the international financial elite is a fundamental realignment of class relations worldwide: here.

Voices on the Economy: ICTU Rally Against Cuts, Belfast from Northern Visions/NvTv on Vimeo.

The accelerating economic crisis in Ireland is taking a terrible toll on broad layers of workers: here.

The Gillard government’s support for the Obama administration’s policy of devaluing the dollar and pressuring China to revalue the yuan is a gamble that could destabilise Australian capitalism: here.

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