9 thoughts on “Drought and Big Oil kill Niger’s addax

  1. Oil barons shell out $25m for leak

    United States: Exxon Mobil Corporation agreed on Wednesday to pay $25 million (£16m) to resolve complaints over its handling of a huge underground oil spill in New York.

    The deal resolves a 2007 lawsuit brought by state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo over the 17-million-gallon spill.

    The spill has festered beneath hundreds of homes and businesses for more than 50 years. People living above the oil plume have long complained about fumes in their basements.


  2. Energy firm Agip accused of fraud

    KAZAKHSTAN: Police have accused Italian energy giant Agip, involved in the country’s largest oil project, of fraud worth $110 million, local media reported today.

    Novosti-Kazakhstan and other news agencies cited Kazakh finance police official Adil Abylkasymov as saying that the company is thought to have charged twice for the same construction work at an oil and gas treatment plant.


  3. Meetings banned after protests

    ZAMBIA: Authorities banned gatherings including church services in Western Province today following deadly protests in favour of independence for the region, which is also known as Barotseland.

    Police killed one person and injured four others on Friday at the rally in Mongu, which took place on the same day that the Zambian government granted foreign firms rights to explore for oil and gas in the area.


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