United States spying in Scandinavia

This video is called CIA Spying on Americans.

From AFP news agency:

US seeks to ease tensions over Scandinavia ‘spying’

WASHINGTON, November 8, 2010 (AFP) – The United States sought to ease tensions Monday over surveillance conducted by US embassies in Stockholm, Norway and Denmark, acknowledging the program but insisting it was customary. …

He [State Department spokesman Crowley] spoke shortly after a top Swedish prosecutor announced he had opened a probe to determine whether the surveillance was illegal. Swedish Justice Minister Beatrice Ask earlier indicated the US embassy in Stockholm had secretly spied on Swedish residents in the capital since 2000.

Similar allegations surfaced in Oslo and Copenhagen last week, and in all three countries, national officials insisted they had not been informed of the surveillance activities, which extended to monitoring demonstrations and storing personal information about protesters.

If surveillance was carried out without authorization from the host countries, experts in the region insist it constitutes a violation of national laws. …

Norway’s chief prosecutor has also asked police there to investigate the embassy’s actions.

From the BBC:

11 November 2010 Last updated at 17:26 GMT

The Icelandic government has become the latest Nordic country to open an inquiry into whether its citizens are being spied on by the US embassy.

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland are already investigating whether US embassies are acting illegally.

The allegations began when Norwegian TV claimed protesters were photographed and their names added to a database. …

Sweden’s Justice Minister Beatrice Ask has claimed that people linked to the US embassy in Stockholm have performed surveillance since 2000 without fully informing Swedish authorities.

She has described the revelations as “very serious”.

Her Danish counterpart Lars Barfoed said that security police would meet US embassy officials in Copenhagen to ensure no laws were being broken.

US urged Finland to join NATO: here.

4 thoughts on “United States spying in Scandinavia

  1. US suspected of illegal spying in Denmark

    Monday, 08 November 2010 16:41 DBJ News

    As reports surface in Sweden and Norway, suspicion of similar activity arises in Denmark

    Both Norway and Sweden have accused the United States of conducting illegal spying operations in their countries, and some Danish officials believe it may have been happening in Denmark as well.

    One of them, Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen, the former national commissioner of the Danish Police, has told Politiken newspaper that if the claims are true, “there are definitely illegal intelligence activities taking place in Denmark”.
    Norwegian broadcaster TV2 last week reported that the US embassy in Oslo has been monitoring Norwegians to protect American interests in Norway. Since 2000, the US embassy in Oslo has allegedly employed between 15 and 20 people to collect information on individuals thought to pose a threat to American interests.

    It is believed that the information has been added to SIMAS (Security Incident Management Analysis System), an American computer database utilised in the area of US national security. If the report is correct, the activities conducted by the US Embassy would constitute a violation of Norwegian diplomatic laws.

    A memo on SIMAS’s website states that there are teams monitoring suspicious activity in “the vicinity” of all US embassies. According to the memo, all SIMAS activities are undertaken in cooperation with the local police authorities. The Norwegian authorities are still investigating the case.

    The Swedish justice minister confirmed that the Americans had also engaged in similar surveillance measures at the US embassy in Stockholm. There are now concerns that the spying may have also occurred in Denmark.

    Read the full story in our next issue of The Copenhagen Post.



  2. Government to tear down hippies’ base

    DENMARK: The Supreme Court has given the government the green light to take control of Christiania, a largely self-governing neighbourhood that was occupied by hippies four decades ago.

    The court upheld a decision from 2009, saying that roughly 900 residents have no irrevocable right to use the former naval base.

    The decision means the government can go ahead with plans to tear down scores of homes built without permits.

    Residents have said that they will resist any attempts to evict them.



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