Anti-Afghan war demonstration, London 20 November

This video from Britain says about itself:

What’s the point in demonstrating, marching, protesting? is a common cry. Journalist Johann Hari replies: because that’s how we can change history.

From the Stop the War Coalition in Britain:

Marches, protests and demonstrations change history

History shows that protest works, say Lindsey German, national convenor of Stop the War Coalition, and Independent journalist Johann Hari. With a government determined to destroy public services and the welfare state, while still justifying billions spent every year on the war in Afghanistan and on weapons of mass destruction, we need a lot more marching and direct action. …

On Saturday 20 November, we’ll be marching again, to get the troops out of Afghanistan and in protest at the Nato summit which will meet the same weekend. We expect many students and school students, as well as peace activists and trade unionists, to be there.

We need a lot more marching, as well as direct action, if we are to win a world that prioritises welfare provision and public services for all, rather than wars that bring nothing but mass slaughter and destruction.

Afghanistan: Time to Go – Troops Home Now
National Demonstration Saturday 20 November 2010
Assemble Hyde Park London 12 Noon
March to Trafalgar Square

Campaigners called on the government today to “come clean” over its spending plans for Trident replacement before the publication of its Main Gate report: here.

Noam Chomsky on Hopes and Prospects for Activism: “We Can Achieve a Lot”: here.

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