Red-crested pochard and fungi

This is a red-crested pochard video.

On 7 November, from the bridge near the sewage works, a male red-crested pochard, and a great crested grebe gulping down a fish.

Near the entrance of the nature reserve, the bearded tooth fungus is still there, though by now it is old and brown.

Bearded tooth fungus in Epe: here. Orange bearded tooth fungi: here.

A bit further, porcelain fungi.

Great spotted woodpecker and jay.

Coniferous forests and fungi: see here.

Winter fungi of Texel: here.

Five Red-crested Pochards (Netta rufina), 3 males and 2 females, were observed in Chiba Reservoir, Cap Bon (Tunisia) during this winter waterbirds census on 14 January 2015. The Red-crested Pochard is a rare wintering visitor in Tunisia. Mohamed Ali Dakhli / Birding Tunisia.

Schröder says Bush lies about Iraq

This video from the USA says about itself:

God speaks to Bush through Rumsfeld

Keith Olbermann describes how Rumsfeld’s Intelligence briefings on Iraq were couched in Bible quotes.

From the Irish Times:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Schröder rejects Bush assertion he initially backed US-led war on Iraq


FORMER GERMAN chancellor Gerhard Schröder has dismissed as “untrue” claims that, initially, he was a supporter of a US-led war on Iraq.

The claim, made by former US president George W Bush in his memoirs, has revived an old enmity between the two leaders that damaged bilateral relations ahead of the Iraq war.

In his memoir Decision Points, Mr Bush remembers hitting it off with Mr Schröder initially and being impressed by his support after the September 11th attacks.

Just four months later, in January 2002, Mr Bush recalls discussing with Mr Schröder the growing stand-off between the US and Saddam Hussein over allegations that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

After he judged diplomacy with Iraq had been exhausted, Mr Bush recalls in his memoirs telling the German leader how he was prepared to use military force against Iraq.

According to Mr Bush, Mr Schröder replied: “What is true of Afghanistan is true of Iraq. Nations that sponsor terror must face consequences. If you make it fast and make it decisive, I will be with you.”

Mr Bush said he took this as a “statement of support” and was dismayed when Mr Schröder took a different view later that year.

“As someone who valued personal diplomacy, I put a high premium on trust,” wrote Mr Bush. “Once that trust was violated, it was hard to have a constructive relationship again.”

In the autumn of 2002, Mr Schröder came from behind to win re-election after using stump speeches to denounce the US “military misadventures” in Iraq.

Yesterday the German leader said his January 2002 support for an invasion of Iraq was not as presented by Mr Bush. “The former president of the United States is not telling the truth,” he said.

“I made clear that Germany would stand beside the US should Iraq . . . prove to have provided protection and hospitality to al-Qaeda fighters. As it became clear during 2002, this connection was false and misconstrued.”

In his own memoirs, Mr Schröder was far from flattering of the US president, dismissing his “near-biblical semantics”.

He expressed concern that Mr Bush gave the impression that his “political decisions are a result of this conversation with God”.

According to Mr Schröder’s former spokesman Uwe Karsten-Heye, Berlin realised early on that they were dealing with a man of a “low intelligence threshold who had no idea what was going on”.

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Rare bean geese in China

Some birds which are rare in western Europe, are not rare in Africa, north America, or east Asia.

And some birds which are common winter migrants in parts of western Europe, are rare winter visitors in east Asia.

From the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong:

Treat for birdwatchers as four rare visitors touch down at Mai Po

Cheung Chi-fai

Nov 11, 2010

A cold spell from the north has brought new visitors to Mai Po Nature Reserve – a small flock of migratory wild bean geese from Siberia.

This is a video from Spain about a bean goose (and a gray lag goose and a coot).

Wildlife in China: here.