Xenophobia in Australia

This video is called Indian students protest racist attacks in Australia.

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As if the anti-refugee policies by the Australian “Labor” government are not already bad enough, people like Rightist official opposition leader Tony Abbott and neo-nazi Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben are pushing for even more inhumane hardline measures.

By Renato Perdon in Munting Nayon News Magazine from the Philippines:

IELTS, a latter day dictation test?

Sydney, Australia

Sat 6th November 2010

Many international students have bid goodbye to friends in farewell meetings and send off parties with their dreams of staying in Australia dashed off by new immigration regulations implemented July this year.

Even for students who graduated in Australia already, the prospect for applying for visas and stay for further 18 months has been rendered useless as many students fail repetitively in the pre-requirements to pass a second International English Language Test System or IELTS when in fact the students already took IELTS testing before they even enrolled and started their school courses in Australia. These remind many of the dreaded White Australiadictation test’ which restricted immigrants many years ago.

Australia: High Court finds treatment of two Sri Lankan asylum seekers lacked procedural fairness: here.

1 thought on “Xenophobia in Australia

  1. Deportation death Briton named

    AUSTRALIA: A British man who died in an Australian immigration centre was named by undisclosed sources today as 29-year-old David Saunders.

    Mr Saunders, who was due to be deported to Britain, is believed to have committed suicide.

    A Foreign Office spokesman said today: “We can confirm there has been a death of a British national in Villawood immigration detention centre.”

    Mr Saunders is the third person to die at the Villawood centre in Sydney in as many months, prompting calls for an investigation into the facility.



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