British war crimes in Iraq

This video says about itself:

The British army has been using various sexual intimidation techniques to interrogate Iraqi prisoners and today some of them are demanding a public inquiry, taking a collective case to the High Court of Great Britain. Human rights lawyer Phil Shiner, the head of Public Interest Lawyers, says that from March 2003 to December 2008, his 142 clients went through a whole range of insults and threats and that these aspects of the British interrogation policy has never been fully explored.

The government conceded today [9 November 2010] for the first time that British troops could face war crimes charges over the alleged abuse of Iraqi detainees: here.

From British daily The Guardian today [10 November 2010]:

Investigations about the Iraq war should be conducted by international officials, not British ones (Iraqi prisoners ‘abused at UK’s Abu Ghraib‘, 6 November). It is dismal news that the Ministry of Defence is about to appoint a former CID officer to investigate what appears to be a large body of evidence of very serious crimes in British detention facilities.

Talking about the Iraq war: from the USA: Joseph C. Wilson: Having read that people began lining up in front of bookstores before former President Bush‘s memoir, Decision Points, was due to be released, I hurried off to purchase mine early. I have a special interest in understanding how the former president sees his decision to invade Iraq and his use of intelligence to justify the invasion. I have also been curious about what he might have to say about the betrayal of a CIA covert officer’s identity, my wife’s, by, among others, two senior members of his staff, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby and Karl Rove. Click here to read more.

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates signaled that the US is prepared to scrap a 2011 deadline for withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq: here.

On Sunday October 31 a group of militants seized a church in Baghdad, killing and wounding scores of Iraqi Christians and signalling yet another episode of unimaginable horror in the country since the US invasion of March 2003. Every group of Iraqis has faced terrible devastation as a result of this war, the magnitude of which is only now beginning to be discovered: here.

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