Nazi dies in Italy

Michael SeifertFrom DPA news agency in Germany:

Convicted Nazi war criminal dies after fall in Italian prison

Sat, 06 Nov 2010 15:40:03 GMT

Rome – A Ukraine-born former SS prison guard serving a life sentence in Italy after being extradited from Canada two years ago, died Saturday. He was 86.

Michel “Misha” Seifert died at a hospital in Caserta, his lawyer told the ANSA news agency.

Seifert was receiving treatment for injuries – including a broken femur – sustained last week during a fall at a military prison in Santa Maria Capua Vetere near Naples, lawyer Paolo Giachini said.

In 2000 an Italian military tribunal convicted Seifert in absentia of 11 murders at a prison camp in the northern city of Bolzano during World War II.

He was extradited to Italy from Canada in February 2008.

Seifert who joined the SS following the German occupation of Ukraine, admitted having been a guard at the camp in Italy, but denied being involved in atrocities.

During his trial witnesses accused him of leaving a prisoner to starve to death, raping and killing a pregnant woman and gouging an inmate’s eyes out.

Towards the end of World War II, the Bolzano camp was used to house Jews, resistance fighters and German army deserters.

After the war, Seifert concealed his past and emigrated to Canada in 1951.

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