Waxwings still present

This video from England says about itself:

Flocks of Waxwings invaded West Yorkshire, UK, during the winter of 2008/09.

Today, I hoped to be luckier than yesterday in seeing Bohemian waxwings.

At the Nova passage, no waxwings, just a dunnock in a tree.

At the Rapenburg, opposite the antiqities museum, ten waxwings flying.

In the tree opposite the old university library, only a blue tit.

Later, I came back to the Rapenburg. a great tit in a tree.

In the tree opposite the old university library, now three waxwings and two siskins. On the opposite side of the canal, in a big tree in a Kaiserstraat garden, two waxwings.

A long-tailed tit in a Oude Varkenmarkt tree.

At the Nova passage tree, still the dunnock, and now a blackbird as well.

November 2012. If we needed proof that this year will be a waxwing winter, we need look no further than this video. Tommy Hyndman and his son Henry had spent the morning at their home on Fair Isle, looking at a beautiful flock of hungry Waxwings that had just arrived in the UK from Scandinavia and were feasting on fruit and berries.

2 thoughts on “Waxwings still present

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