Hillary Clinton’s pipeline threatens environment

This video from Canada says about itself:

TransCanada Keystone Pipeline

The Canadian Government continues to discriminate against First Nations peoples, violate treaties, and block Métis and Aboriginal peoples from the same economic opportunities afforded other Canadians.

By Kate Sheppard in the USA:

Hillary Clinton’s Pipeline Problem

Thu Nov. 4, 2010 10:03 AM PDT

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should remove herself from deliberations over a controversial pipeline proposal, a group of environmental and consumer advocates said Thursday. Clinton said recently that the pipeline from Canada to Texas is likely to be approved, despite the fact that a full analysis of its impacts has not been completed.

The groups said that Clinton’s remarks indicate she is “biased” in favor of TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL expansion, as the full environmental impact statement isn’t expected to be finalized until next year. A number of senators have also criticized Clinton’s statements, asking her not to “pre-judge” a massive pipeline project that would bring “dirty oil” to the US from Canada’s tar sands.

“As the State Department’s review is ongoing, it is inappropriate for you to make statements about what final decision you are ‘inclined’ to make,” the enviro groups, including Friends of the Earth, the Center for Biological Diversity, and Greenpeace, wrote to Clinton. “The decision about whether or not to permit this pipeline is a key environmental decision for this administration, yet your recent comments make it clear that you are biased.”

See also here.

Tar sands oil kills migratory birds – take action.

Harper’s pipeline nightmare: here.

Keystone XL Suit: Environmental Groups Target Hillary Clinton Over Oil Pipeline Documents: here.

President Obama promised a “green revolution,” with hints at promising wind and solar energy sources during the campaign, but has now done one of his famous backtracks as he pushes the idea of “clean coal.” One of the alleged “clean coal” sources his administration has placed under serious consideration is “bituminous coal” (aka “unconventional petroleum deposit’), or simply put … “tar sands.” Tar sands are plentiful in the US and Canada, but environmentally treacherous to mine and transport – yet, this is the “green energy” the Obama administration has leaned toward – with heavy prodding from its most threatening political enemy, Koch Industries – disputed founders of the Tea Party movement: here.

U.S. orders TransCanada to shut Keystone pipeline, after a series of spills: here.

Bill McKibben, TomDispatch: “Two weeks ago, for instance, a few veteran environmentalists, myself included, issued a call for protest against Canada’s plans to massively expand oil imports from the tar sands regions of Alberta. We set up a new website, tarsandsaction.org, and judging from the early response, it could result in the largest civil disobedience actions in the climate-change movement’s history on this continent, as hundreds, possibly thousands, of concerned activists converge on the White House in August. They’ll risk arrest to demand something simple and concrete from President Obama: that he refuse to grant a license for Keystone XL, a new pipeline from Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico that would vastly increase the flow of tar sands oil through the U.S., ensuring that the exploitation of Alberta’s tar sands will only increase”: here.

Effective migratory bird conservation efforts address issues throughout a species’ flyway – and in Canada, flyway conservation is imperative, as about 90% of the country’s birds migrate south each year, only to return the following spring. This flyway concept is being put to the test with one initiative that links three Important Bird Areas: here.

12 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s pipeline threatens environment

  1. Dear Friend,

    Could there be a better opportunity to strike the Kochs where it hurts? Help us stop Koch Industries, Inc. from profiting off a pipeline that would carry the dirtiest oil on Earth through six states, one of America’s most important aquifers and almost 2,000 miles of American homes and farmland.

    The Koch brothers stand to make millions off of this destructive act, and Congressional Republicans this week are trying to speed the project’s approval. But Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has the ability to stop this. She alone has the power to approve or reject the pipeline.

    Sign our petition and help us reach our goal of 50,000 individuals telling Secretary Clinton to say No to the Kochs and Yes to protecting Americans.

    Tell Secretary Clinton to reject the Keystone Tar Sands pipeline.

    Robert Greenwald
    and the Brave New Foundation team


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