Citrine wagtail and snipe

I had already blogged about the citrine wagtail going far more to the west than this east European species usually does.

This morning, the bird was still in the same area.

These are two videos about that citrine wagtail; recorded yesterday.

It walked around, just a few metres away from the birders and their binoculars, telescopes and cameras, between mallard ducks in the mud.

About fifty snipe flying.

Gadwall ducks.

In the northern lake: male shoveler ducks; teal; lapwings; quite some great cormorants.

UPDATE: this is a citrine wagtail video, recorded on 2 November by Guus van Duin. The bird seems to have left now, as it was not seen again on 3 November.

3 thoughts on “Citrine wagtail and snipe

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