Protecting Welsh butterflies and moths

Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary from John Hume on Vimeo.

From Wildlife Extra:

Special care for some of Wales’ rarest butterflies and moths

A moth and a butterfly, both on the brink of extinction in Wales, will be the focus of intensive conservation care this spring. Pearl bordered fritillary butterflies and belted beauty moths that have been reared in captivity will be released into habitats that meet their needs, giving them a chance for survival in Wales.

Fewer than ten populations of pearl bordered fritillary butterflies remain in Wales, the majority of which are in Montgomeryshire.

Moths in the Netherlands: here.

Pearl bordered fritillary colonies found in the Scottish Highlands: here.

One of Britain’s rarest butterflies, the pearl-bordered fritillary, has taken flight in record numbers this year, following its reintroduction in 2004, making the Forestry Commission wood one of the best sites in the country: here.

Pearl-bordered fritillary boom in Wyre Forest: here.

June 2011: Britain’s butterflies have been breaking records by emerging earlier this spring than in any previous year. Some, such as the black hairstreak, one of the country’s rarest butterflies, were on the wing more than a week earlier than ever before: here.

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