Berlusconi’s police stops clerical sexual abuse survivors

This video from the USA says about itself:

The Roman Catholic Church is entangled in another sex-abuse scandal, this time involving a U.S. priest accused of molesting up to 200 deaf boys decades ago. A group of victims has condemned Pope Benedict’s handling of the case, which went directly to his office when he was a cardinal.

Silvio Berlusconi, media tycoon and Prime Minister of Italy, does not like free speech when it is about his many sex scandals.

He also does not like it when survivors of paedophiliac abuse by his supporters, the Right wing of the Roman Catholic church, want to have free speech.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Priest sex abuse victims barred from Vatican protest

Monday 01 November 2010

Survivors of clerical sex abuse were blocked from taking their protest to the heart of the Vatican on Sunday by paramilitary police.

The candlelit demonstration by 100 people … was the first significant protest in the shadow of the Vatican by former child victims of rape and sexual abuse.

Organisers said it would be repeated until the Holy See, which refused access to the Vatican itself by protesters, takes decisive action to ensure children are safe.

“Today what began as quiet whispers are whispers no more,” organiser Gary Bergeron told the crowd.

More than half the protesters were deaf people from a notorious Catholic institute in Verona where dozens of students say they were sodomised by priests.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi, who intended to read out a prepared statement to the crowd, beat a hasty retreat after a protester shouted “Shame, shame.”

One of our commenters, who attended the sex abuse rally at the Vatican : “It was a very powerful moment in time”: here.

USA: A Catholic priest stands accused of a) sexually assaulting a teen, including raping the boy at gun point b) threatening to kill him if he told anyone c) threatening to kill himself and the boy so they could go to Heaven together d) actually trying to get him killed — the priest allegedly offered 5,000 to an undercover agent to murder the boy (guess he didn’t feel like going to Heaven yet): here.

Australia: Melbourne Catholic Archbishop Denis Hart is at it again. In 2004, he told a woman who had been sexually abused by a priest to “go to hell, bitch”. In 2009, he unsuccessfully attempted to pressure Father Bob Maguire, a progressive Melbourne icon, to retire from his local parish: here.

Rev. James Martin, S.J.: Understanding the Pope’s New Stance on Condoms: here.

Conservative US Catholics question pope’s shift on condom use: here.

The estranged former ally of sleaze-tainted Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi urged him to resign on Sunday for the good of the country and begin discussing a new government with a revised legislative agenda: here.

Revelations of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s involvement in another prostitution and corruption signal a new stage of the political crisis engulfing Italy: here.

6 thoughts on “Berlusconi’s police stops clerical sexual abuse survivors

  1. More bad news for Berlusconi

    ITALY: Four members of Silvio Berlusconi’s government have announced their resignation, escalating the Italian premier’s political crisis.

    Outgoing Deputy Minister Adolfo Urso says the resignation letters have been handed in to Mr Berlusconi’s office.

    The resignations by a minister, a deputy minister and two undersecretaries won’t topple the government but do make it more difficult for Mr Berlusconi to cling to power.

    A confidence vote to be held after parliament approves a budget is expected to sink the government.


  2. Pope relaxes hard line condom views

    Vatican City: Pope Benedict XVI has said that using condoms may sometimes be justified to stop the spread of Aids – easing one of the Catholic church’s most controversial positions.

    The Pope’s words in a book to be published on Tuesday were described as a “volte face” by human rights activist Peter Tatchell.

    “If the Pope can change his stance on condoms, why can’t he also modify the Vatican’s harsh, intolerant opposition to women’s rights, gay equality, fertility treatment and embryonic stem cell research?” he asked.


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