South European grasshopper in London, the Netherlands

This 28 August 2013 video from England says about itself:

The Southern Oak Bush-cricket Meconema meridionale (originally a Mediterranean species as implied by its specific name) is a recent arrival in the UK, having already extended its range northwards on the Continent in response to a warming climate. This individual had been attracted to a bathroom light in London and sightings there are becoming increasingly common.

As a flightless insect it must have been assisted across the English Channel and the most plausible routes include transportation in produce from Europe or possibly arrival by vehicle as this insect seems to be strangely attracted to cars! Although unable to fly these bush-crickets can jump some distance and they are also capable of running surprisingly fast. The nymphs are difficult to separate from those of the native Oak Bush-cricket Meconema thalassinum but the adults of the latter species are fully winged and the female’s ovipositor is longer.

The southern oak bush cricket is a south European species. However, since 1993, it sometimes shows up in the Netherlands.

The animals are good at holding on to cars. Sometimes, they have lifts of hundreds of kilometers to the north.

2 thoughts on “South European grasshopper in London, the Netherlands

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