Fungi and baby grebes

Today, to the nature reserve.

The bearded tooth mushroom near the entrance is brownish yellow now. See a photo of that species here,

Nuthatch sound.

The porcelain mushrooms and giant polypore are on their usual tree.

Sulphur tufts.

On the meadow, two Egyptian geese.

This is a video of a great crested grebe swimming underwater.

Near the white bridge, two adult great grebes with three still small young; one of them on a parent’s back, the other two swimming beside the adult, calling.

Great crested grebes often nest more than once a year,. I hope these three are not too late in the autumn to survive the winter.

Near the grebes, mallards, coots, and two gadwall ducks.

A female great spotted woodpecker high in a tree.

A jay.

Jays and waxwings in the Netherlands: here.

Scientists are starting to unravel the sex secrets of the black truffle, that rare and expensive delicacy, in hopes of making its cultivation easier: here.


Black woodpecker video

This is a video of a black woodpecker, looking for insects on a tree trunk in Waliën nature reserve, Winterswijk, Gelderland province, the Netherlands.

Female Red Bellied Woodpecker Hiding Food: here.

WikiLeaks revelations on the Iraq war

This video is called Wikileaks Iraq war logs: Civilians have paid heaviest price.

The secret US army files made public Friday by the WikiLeaks web site provide massive documentation of the criminal character of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq: here.

The response of the New York Times to WikiLeaks’ posting of classified American military documents exposing US war crimes in Iraq is to downplay the atrocities and portray WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as the criminal party: here.

The Secret War Between Wikileaks, the Pentagon and the Mainstream Corporate Press: here.

Great special/interviews on Iraq War Logs | Democracy Now: here.

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks is “under siege” & is on US watch list. Pentagon says to stop talking to whisleblowers: here.

Veteran Suicides Outnumber US Military Deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan: here.

Iraq claims ‘must be investigated’ – Secret Iraq Files – Al Jazeera English: here.

Why war criminals hate Wikileaks: here.

Wikileaks exposure deepens political crisis in Iraq: here.

The WSWS recently spoke with WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson about the organization’s release of nearly 400,000 documents related to the Iraq War: here.

Media censored from reporting on next WikiLeaks story: here.