Peruvian president turns violent

This video from the USA is called Actor Q’orianka Kilcher Arrested at White House Protest in Support of Peruvian Indigenous Rights.

Another video used to say about itself:

Q’orianka Kilcher was sentenced to community work and 9 months of prohibition to protest in public.

I interviewed Q’orianka at DC National Airport after her second and final court date in Washington, DC.

Q’orianka denounced that abuses of the Peruvian government against Indigenous peoples are still happening, and lamented the Obama support to Alan Garcia.

Not just some BBC journalists seem to be violent thugs sometimes …

From Green Left Weekly in Australia:

Peruvian President Alan Garcia, who last year ordered the brutal massacre of protesting Amazonian tribespeople, has once again resorted to violence — this time in person. Garcia encountered 27-year-old Ricardo Galvez, who shouted “corrupt” at the president. Eyewitnesses say Garcia flew into an uncontrollable rage and forcefully struck the volunteer worker in the face.

LIMA, Nov 11, 2010 (IPS) – The triumph of a left-wing candidate, Gregorio Santos, as governor of the region of Cajamarca, one of Peru’s richest mining areas, has raised concern among mining companies operating there in a climate of tension and conflicts with local communities: here.

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