Afghan feminist against the war

This video is called Malalai Joya – Afghan MP Calls for Troops out of Afghanistan.

From Green Left Weekly in Australia:

Afghan feminist: Why foreign troops should leave

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Malalai Joya, now 32, was the youngest woman elected to the Afghan Parliament in 2005. A feminist activist who has defied the Taliban, Joya is also an outspoken opponent of the US/NATO occupation of Afghanistan. Joya says the war is a crime against her people that is propping up corrupt warlords and fundamentalists no better than the Taliban.

Joya will be speaking at Deakin University in Melbourne as part of the “The World in Crisis — Business as Usual?” conference over November 11-13. Joya will also speak in Syndey on November 16 at UTS. See the calendar for full details.

The speech below is an excerpt of an address Joya gave in Vancouver on October 12 at an event organised by the Canadian Coalition. It is reprinted from

* * *

In the United States, many looked to the ballot box and hoped for real change when Barack Obama was elected President in 2008.

To be honest, I never expected that he would be any different for Afghanistan than George Bush. The truth is that Obama’s war policies have turned out to be even more of a nightmare than most people expected.

Obama talked a lot about hope and change, but for Afghanistan the only change has been for the worse.

The Afghan war has been promoted and justified by the entire US establishment as vital to the “war on terror.” But now, to better serve US interests in Central Asia, sections of the Taliban are apparently to be brought in from the cold: here.

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