Pintail and marsh harrier on Tiengemeten island

This video is about Tiengemeten island.

Today, to Tiengemeten island in the Netherlands.

A few years ago, the whole island became a nature reserve. But the work in transforming the island from its agricultural past is not finished yet.

As we board the ferry, four female tufted ducks and a great crested grebe in Nieuwendijk harbour.

On a lake on the island: mallards, common pochard, tufted ducks, wigeon. Quite some great egrets flying around. On the other side of the bridge: coots, mute swans, one black swan, and hundreds of gadwall ducks.

A marsh harrier flying.

A group of barnacle geese swimming. A great black-backed gull.

Then: lots of rain and wind which make birdwatching basically impossible.

As we walk back, a short dry spell. Then, a male and a female pintail duck land in the water.

Wintering geese populations increasing in Scotland: here