British workers’ safety endangered

This video is called A short video advertisng International Workers Memorial Day on April 28th.

Britain: Government plans to to cut the Health and Safety Excutive (HSE) budget by 35 per cent will lead to many more workers killed or injured at work, construction union Ucatt warned today: here.

The government of David Cameron just took the Tea Party’s deepest fantasies — of massive budget cuts, introduced immediately — and imposed them on Britain: here.

Women and working families bear brunt of UK spending cuts: here.

Paul Krugman: British Fashion Victims: here.

Writing in the Guardian, veteran feminist writer and commentator Beatrix Campbell has usefully provided an all-you-need-to-know account of the battle lines being drawn between the UK Government and women’s rights campaigners, as the true impact of the coalition’s budget cuts begin to dawn: here.

Fawcett Society ‘extremely concerned that the CSR will hit women harder than men’: here.

Britain: Unions and campaigners accused the government today of condemning thousands to die from asbestosis by slashing safety funding: here.

8 thoughts on “British workers’ safety endangered

  1. University could axe 200 jobs

    Education: The University of Dundee could shed almost 200 jobs under new cost-cutting proposals, it was announced today.

    A paper is to be submitted to the Scottish university’s governing body identifying structural changes which could amount to cuts of up to 12 per cent.

    The job cuts are expected to generate an annual saving of £8 million and would have a huge impact on all colleges as well as university-wide support services.

    University and College Union Scottish official Mary Senior vowed the union would fight any compulsory redundancies.


  2. Six counties cuts condemned

    N Ireland: Political leaders in the six counties accused Whitehall on Wednesday of reneging on financial commitments and playing fast and loose with thousands of jobs in the region.

    First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness said the cuts unveiled by British Chancellor George Osborne amounted to a £4 billion loss over the next four years and could lead to 50,000 job losses.

    Mr McGuinness claimed the Con-Dem coalition had reneged on an £18 billion investment pledge made by the British government in the 2006 St Andrews political deal that established the power-sharing administration at Stormont.


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