Rainforest ants and butterflies video

This video from the California Academy of Sciences in the USA says about itself:

Academy biologist Sarab provides a behind the scenes look into the leafcutter ant (Atta cephalotes) exhibit in the Rainforests of the World exhibit. Leafcutter ants carry leaves under ground to use as a base for farming fungus, their only food. Sarab also demonstrates how butterflies are released into the rainforest exhibit on a daily basis. (To see what happens with the butterfly pupa in the Insect Holding Room before they emerge and are released into the exhibit, watch a behind the scenes video here: http://bit.ly/c2Vy2h )

A stunning silhouette of active leafcutter ants in Costa Rica wins the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award: here.

Britain: New report shows butterflies and bees declining as a result of loss of wild flowers: here.

Ants manage incest without inbreeding: Unorthodox family structure may have helped insect spread: here.

No leader, no plans, no problem: Ants can solve network design problems without a leader: here.

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