British, Australian, Filipino cuts

Britain’s Chancellor George Osborne has announced legislation that will penalise and force into destitution hundreds of thousands of the poorest people in Britain, who are dependent on welfare benefits: here.

The future of hundreds of local groups and organizations around the UK involved with literature, performing and visual arts and museums is threatened by the government’s cuts programme: here.

Britain: Health care jobs and treatments are being subjected to drastic cuts, many of them the result of measures put in place under the previous Labour government of Gordon Brown: here.

Health campaigners have slammed Con-Dem reassurances that the NHS has been saved from the cuts juggernaut: here.

The ‘social housing’ budget in England is to be slashed by more than 50 per cent: here. And here.

The number of children in Scotland living in homes with damp and condensation has risen by 20 per cent in one year, housing charity Shelter warned today: here.

The Tories want to force council tenants who earn anything more than poverty wages out of their homes: here.

Colleges and universities across the country face closure after the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills was told today to cut its budget by £4 billion, lecturers’ union UCU said today: here.

Lecturers and students unions yesterday warned that increased fees will see even more youth denied higher education, as new figures confirmed that a record 209,253 missed out on a university place this summer: here.

London anti cuts demonstration

Anti cuts movement in Britain: here. And here. And here. And here. And here. And here. And here. And here. And here.

Left-wing activists urged a French-style uprising against Chancellor George Osborne’s formal execution of public services across Britain yesterday: here.

A visiting International Monetary Fund official urged ministers in Bucharest today to rebuff union demands for an increase to the minimum wage: here.

The tragic deaths of three children following unsuccessful attempts by their parents to access medical treatment in regional Western Australia have highlighted the crisis of the public health system in country areas: here.

Hunger in the Philippines as President Aquino cuts food subsidies: here.

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