Sacred ibis in the Netherlands

This video says about itself:

An escaped Sacred Ibis on the Apaj Fishponds in the Kiskunsagi National Park, Hungary. The ring on the left leg is blue FW and on the right leg is IBIS ZOOSB 21. Is there anybody who missed this bird?

updated: the bird was escaped from Salzburg Zoo!

Vogels Nieuwslog in the Netherlands reports seeing seven great egrets and a sacred ibis in nature reserve Oudeland van Strijen.

See also this report.

This bird species, originally from southern Iraq and Africa, played a role in ancient Egyptian religion as the bird of the god Thoth.

Due to escapes from zoos, the sacred ibis is spreading in western Europe now.

It is said to have nested in nature reserves Botshol and Oostvaardersplassen recently.

Update 2013: here.

Wintering birds in the Oudeland van Strijen: here.

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