Film The Social Network

This video from the USA is called The Social Network Official Trailer.

The Social Network, directed by David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), recounts the rapid enrichment of Mark Zuckerberg, a young Internet businessman and disputed creator of Facebook: here.

Another review of this movie is here. Yet another one is here.

Facebook Privacy Breach: Users’ Info Leaked To Advertising, Tracking Firms (REPORT): here.

Raymond J. Learsy: Facebook is one of the great triumphs of the American system. Innovation, courage, risk, entrepreneurial vision, a classic success story of the best of the American way. One in which each American, in varying degrees depending on one’s individual construct, can be proud. Clearly a myriad of investment houses and banks would have stepped in to fill a financial role for it. But of all the options, it has aligned itself with Goldman Sachs, a company whose actions at a time when the country needed financial help and vision rather chose to profit. Mr. Zuckerberg, we would have hoped you would know better: here.

Facebook and Twitter have received failing grades from Digital Society, a “digital think tank,” that created an “Online Services Security Report Card” ranking “which websites protect your account and which don’t”: here.

What Facebook Is Hiding From You: here.

How Feds Exploit Our Social Media ‘Narcissism’ To Watch Our Moves: here. And here.

New research from Geomium, an online social community to enhance local communication and interaction, has shown that millions of British women haven’t met at least a quarter of their online friends, and also see less of their friends since social networking became popular: here.

Facebook’s Plan To Share Users’ Home Addresses, Phone Numbers: here.

Assange: Facebook Is Most Appalling Spy Machine Ever Invented: here.

Facebook Users DROP In U.S.: Millions Left The Social Network In May 2011: here.

Before Facebook censors us, we’ll do it ourselves—Swedish photography gallery is latest to cover up explicit work: here.

Facebook Privacy In Question: Irish Regulators To Probe ‘Frictionless Sharing’ And More: here.

Would you believe Mark Zuckerberg killed a bison? Here.

The secret sexism of social media: here.

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