Torture, death and corruption in Afghanistan

This video is called U S Torture at Afghanistan Bagram Army Base Pt1.

Here is Part 2.

US soldiers routinely abuse Afghan civilians locked up at a secret US concentration camp at the Bagram airbase, a report revealed on Thursday: here.

Jonathan Horowitz Questions Treatment at Smaller Detention Facility in Bagram: here.

USA: Protests and Speeches Mark Berkeley’s First Annual “Say No to Torture” Week: here.

Afghanistan: Victims’ Families Denounce U.S. “Kill Team”: Time: Details of the gruesome crimes in Afghanistan: here.

Afghan War, Afghan Holocaust & Afghan Genocide 9th Anniversary – 4.9 million dead, 3.2 million refugees: report: here.

Resistance fighters have killed at least 11 Nato soldiers in Afghanistan since Wednesday, when six died during the deadliest day for the alliance in Afghanistan in nearly a month: here.

Afghans say Nato “as bad as the Taliban”: The Guardian: here.

The Pentagon may not be winning the Afghan War, but it is winning the Afghan publishing wars at home — Nick Turse: here.

An Australian construction manager accused of soliciting a $190,000 (£120,000) bribe for the construction of a hospital and college in Afghanistan was arrested in India on Wednesday: here.

US becoming more corrupt according to global index: here.

7 thoughts on “Torture, death and corruption in Afghanistan

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