Refugee in Securicor mercenaries’ hands dies

This is a music video by British punk band Crass, of their song Securicor (another name for G4S corporation). Lyrics are here.

Britain: Police confirmed today that they are investigating the death of an Angolan man at Heathrow Airport during an attempted deportation by G4S security guards: here.

Death of Angolan deportee: how accountable are private security firms? Here. And here.

An asylum-seeker who died during an attempted deportation had complained of breathing problems and asked for help seconds before he collapsed under three G4S private security guards, a witness claimed on Friday.

Medical Justice campaigners called on Tuesday for the suspension of all forced deportations until the truth about the death of Angolan refugee Jimmy Mubenga is discovered.

Britain: Black people are 27 times more likely to face stop and search by the police than whites: here.

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12 thoughts on “Refugee in Securicor mercenaries’ hands dies

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