British Labour kicks warmonger MacShane out for corruption

This video from Britain is called The UK MP’s Expenses scandal___House of Shame PART 3.

From the New Statesman in England:

Breaking: MacShane reported to police over expenses

Posted by George Eaton – 14 October 2010 13:08

Labour MP has the whip withdrawn after expenses complaint is referred to the police.

Just a day after it emerged that Margaret Moran was likely to become the fifth Labour politician to face criminal charges over her expenses, Denis MacShane has been reported by the Parliamentary authorities to the police over his own claims. He has been suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party (joining Eric Illsley)

Illsley, like MacShane, is an Iraq war supporter. Fellow corruption-tainted MP Ms Moran also “voted very strongly for the Iraq war“.

pending the outcome of any investigation.

MacShane belonged to the warmongering, xenophobic right wing of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

From Wikipedia:

In 2002 he [MacShane] became Minister of State for Europe in the reshuffle caused by the resignation of Estelle Morris. He caused some embarrassment to the government in 2002 by describing President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela as a ‘ranting, populist demagogue’ and compared him to Benito Mussolini during a failed military coup attempt to depose the democratically elected president.[6][7] Afterwards he had to make clear that, as minister with responsibility for Latin America, the government deplored the coup attempt. …

In 2005 he became a signatory of the Henry Jackson Society principles, advocating a proactive approach to the spread of liberal democracy across the world, including by military intervention.

Apart from the hypocritical cant about “the spread of liberal democracy” while in fact spreading torture and mass killing, MacShane really fits in a society named after the late United States senator and failed presidential candidate Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson. As Mr Jackson was corrupt, like Mr MacShane. Jackson’s nickname was “the gentleman from Boeing“. Boeing being a military contractor getting lots of taxpayers’ money for killing and torturing people, Jackson was also a warmonger like MacShane. Finally, Jackson was a strong supporter of the racist internment of US citizens of Japanese ancestry into concentration camps during World War II. MacShane seems to have substituted Muslims for Japanese-Americans.

The society also supports “European military modernisation and integration under British leadership”. In 2003 he criticised the Muslim community, saying they did not do enough to condemn acts of Islamic terrorism. … He was a supporter of the 2003 invasion of Iraq and has strongly supported Tony Blair‘s foreign policy in relation to the Middle East, and elsewhere.

Three peers to be suspended from Lords over expenses claims: here.

Former [Blairite] Labour MP Margaret Moran will face 21 charges in relation to claims she made for parliamentary expenses, the Crown Prosecution Service said today: here.

Former Labour MP Margaret Moran sobbed in the dock when she appeared in court today charged with fiddling her expenses by around £80,000: here.

Too ill to stand trial for fraud. . . but disgraced former MP Margaret Moran is spotted at the pub FIVE DAYS after missing court date because she was ‘too depressed’: here.

Former Labour MP Margaret Moran fiddled more than £53,000 in expenses, a jury decided today: here.

Scandal forces UK Labour MP Denis MacShane to resign: here.

Denis MacShane pleads guilty to expenses fraud: here.

15 thoughts on “British Labour kicks warmonger MacShane out for corruption

  1. MP corruption costing a packet

    SLEAZE: The police investigation into abuses of parliamentary expenses has now cost the taxpayer more than £840,000.

    Up to 13 officers have been working on cases since the scandal broke in May 2009, according to Scotland Yard.

    The figures, disclosed in response to a freedom of information request by the Press Association, suggest the final bill for bringing errant MPs and peers to justice could be well over £1 million.


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