Vatican tax investigation

This video is called ‘Tax dodging’ in the Vatican – 02 Sep 07.

From Associated Press today:

EU probes church tax breaks in Italy

INVESTIGATION: The European Commission has placed Italy under investigation for granting tax breaks to either the Italian Catholic Church or the Vatican for church-run clinics and hostels. The Italian government has a month to respond before the commission makes a final decision.

2005 EXEMPTION: Regulators are looking into a property tax exemption Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi extended for the church to cover buildings where it runs businesses such as private health clinics or convents that host pilgrims.

EU RULES: The EU said it is investigating because it believes the tax exemptions could violate EU rules on state subsidies and distort competition.

Italy to fight roadside prostitution in Abruzzo region–by cutting down trees: here.

2 thoughts on “Vatican tax investigation

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