Gun fired at Turkish-Dutch building

Belgian and Turkish-born women at an Alevi centre in Belgium

The climate of racism and xenophobia in various countries, including the Netherlands, has various consequences.

Geert Wilders’ anti-Muslim party is expected to have big influence on the new Dutch national government being formed now.

Violent crime also seems to fit in this anti-immigrant climate.

Today, translated from Dutch news agency ANP:

Dordrecht mosque under fire

On Sunday night, a gun has been fired at the Alevi mosque in Dordrecht. The police announced this today. At the time of the shooting, there were people inside, but nobody was hurt.

The bullet that was fired hit an outside door of the building. Attendees sounded an alarm. Police are working on trace evidence.

The building on the Merwedestraat was originally a factory warehouse. In the 1950’s a Roman Catholic church was established there. Ever since 1996 the building has been a mosque.

See also here.

Cartoon here.

For “moderate” Islamophobes who claim to oppose only “fundamentalist Muslims”: Alevis are a liberal tendency within Islam. For instance, there is no pressure to attend mosque services.

Dutch prosecutors attacked populist politician Geert Wilders’s contention today that his hateful sermons on Islam are based on irrefutable facts: here.

Swedish police fear a lone gunman may be behind a spate of racially-motivated shootings in the southern city of Malmo: here.

America’s conservatives show increasing fear of Sharia law in US, despite scant evidence: here.

USA: Whoopi and Joy walk off set over Bill O’Reilly’s comments about Muslims: here.

Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam; by Mark Curtis; book review here.

8 thoughts on “Gun fired at Turkish-Dutch building

  1. it is called ‘Cemevi’ Alevis never go to mosque! Could you Please correct this mistake. This is usual for Alevis sunnis are attacking us all the time. There were several massacres against Alevis in Turkey. Maras Massacre Corum Massacre Sivas Massacre Gazi Massacre. sunnis are even killing Alevi babies violently! Alevism is toatlly opposite with sunni religion!


  2. This is a sunni place as there is a sunni fascist sign (wolf with 3 crescents) which Alevis will ever never use! I watched the video here this is not an Alevi place cause in the video there is an sunni ultra-nationalist party sign with three crescent (MHP)Alevis hate ultra nationalists as they killed ten thousands of Alevi civilians including children and babies!
    In the video 0:45 you can see the sunni fascist sign with a wolf picture! in Dordrecht beschoten This is not an Alevi Place this is a sunni place!


  3. Hi Eastanbal Times, there is a confusion, I think, in the TV Rijnmond reports, as the written reports do mention the Dordrect Alevi cemevi and its address as the place where the gun was fired at. Maybe the video of the “Grey Wolves” mosque was there by mistake and was unrelated to the shooting incident.

    See here. They mention the building’s name as “Alevi Kultur Dernigi”.

    I cannot change the word “mosque” to “cemevi” in the ANP report, as it is a faithful translation from the original Dutch by the agency into English. I do change the title, however.


  4. Hmm, that’s a bad news. I am Dutch, i am a college student and I know not all of them (Muslims) like to do terrorism, many of them (Muslims) are hate even really hate at terrorism. Because it’s all about destructive, Muslim is a peace religion but some stupid Muslims make a new wrong definition about “what is Muslim” and act like a stupid terrorist. my friend Abdul says that to me.


  5. Re #4: this is indeed bad news. Very probably, the gun was not really fired in Dordrecht because “some stupid Muslims” are terrorists. Alevis are not a fundamentalist, let alone terrorist, tendency within Islam at all.

    Probably, the Dordrecht attack was by some Geert Wilders supporter who does not know that Morocco, Turkey and Suriname are different countries, let alone knowing about tendencies within Islam.

    Like there are “some stupid Muslims” within Islam, there are of course “some stupid Christians” who bomb abortion clinics and Oklahoma city; “some stupid Jews” in the USA bombing mosques; “some stupid Buddhists” in the Sri Lanka government who kill Hindus, though Buddhism is a peace religion; “some stupid Hindus” in India who burn mosques and Christian churches, etc.


  6. Obama cancels Sikh temple visit over ‘Muslim headscarf’ fears

    By Agence France-Presse

    Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 — 11:31 pm

    NEW DELHI — US President Barack Obama has canceled a visit to a Sikh temple in India, sources said Wednesday, over apparent concerns that photos of him with his head covered would revive claims he is a Muslim.

    During his state visit to India early next month, Obama was scheduled to tour the Golden Temple in Amritsar — Sikhism’s holiest shrine — where he would be required to cover his head in line with the religion’s practices.

    But aides feared images of him with a traditional scarf over his head could be used by opponents in the United States to portray him as a closet Muslim.

    “He will not be going to Amritsar now,” a diplomatic official in New Delhi, who declined to be named, told AFP. “The headscarf is one issue and there were other logistical issues that led to the cancellation.”

    The Indian foreign ministry said Obama’s tour of the Golden Temple had been prepared by an advance team of US diplomats.

    “We provided them with all the support and guidance they needed but now it is for US officials to decide whether Obama should go to the temple or not,” an official at the ministry told AFP.

    Sikhs in Amritsar, in India’s northern state of Punjab, expressed disappointment.

    “We do expect people to cover their heads. Obama is welcome inside the temple. He could just wear a cap,” said Gurubachan Singh, a senior official from the Golden Temple management trust.

    Normally caps are not permitted in the temple as the action of tying a piece of cloth around the head is important to Sikhs, whose menfolk are required to have turbans and beards.

    Most tourists use simple squares of cloth sold outside the temple.

    Obama, a Christian whose middle name is Hussein, continues to face accusations from US right-wingers that he is actually a Muslim. In a Time magazine poll in August, 24 percent of respondents wrongly said he is a Muslim.

    Sikhs were subject to hate crimes in the United States after the September 11, 2001 attacks from assailants who mistook them for Muslims. One Sikh garage owner in Arizona was shot dead by a man who thought he was an Arab.

    Obama’s Indian itinerary has yet to be officially announced but he is thought likely to visit Mumbai and then the capital New Delhi during a three-day visit.

    “We have not yet released the final schedule for the president’s trip to Asia, including India,” a White House official said on condition of anonymity.

    “India is a vast and extraordinary country, and there are many more events that the president would like to do — and sites that our advance teams visit — than he will have time for during a three-day visit.”


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