Racism in Britain

This video is called Racism in Multicultural Britain – Part 1.

And this is Part 2.

Britain: Black people five times more likely to be imprisoned, while black graduates face 24 per cent less pay, says study: here.

Black people are 26 times more likely than whites to face stop and search: here. And here.

Toughen up if you want to close gender pay gap: here.

UK behind South Africa and Philippines in annual Global Gender Gap Report: here.

Progress ‘grinding to a halt’ on equal pay for women, ethnic minorities, disabled and other minorities: here.

UK rights organisation warns of “triple jeopardy” facing women: here.

US Tea party linking up with Koran-burning British far right: here.

Tea Party Motto: Don’t Get Your Way? Get Violent: here.

Racist, Anti-Obama Billboard Goes Up in Colorado: here.

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