United States-Pakistan military escalation

This video from the USA is called One in Three Killed By Drones in Pakistan Is a Civilian.

US military commanders and diplomats have issued a series of formal apologies for a September 30 cross-border helicopter raid that killed three Pakistani frontier troops. This attempt to dispel mounting tensions between Washington and Islamabad has failed, however, to produce an immediate lifting of a blockade imposed on supplies passing through the country to US-led occupation forces in Afghanistan or stem a string of devastating attacks on US supply convoys: here.

Australian PM’s visit to Afghanistan paves way for military escalation: here.

US Senate report blasts use of Afghan security contractors at US bases: here.

Helping Afghan warlords: here.

Afghanistan’s Reservoir Dogs: security firms criticised over “warlord payments”: The Guardian: here.

Heavy US reliance on poorly monitored private security in Afghanistan often results in the hiring of Afghan warlords and is profiting the Taliban, a US Senate report warned on Friday: here.

ArmorGroup responds to Senate report about Afghan security contracting, blames U.S. Special Forces: here.

Afghanistan, US “in contact with Haqqani insurgents”: here.

They Don’t Value Life?: Jeremy Sapienza on colonial projection in Afghanistan: here.

AFGHANISTAN: Nine Years in, Afghans Don’t Trust U.S.: here.

War on Afghanistan: a crime against humanity: here.

Robert Greenwald on The Ed Show, talking about the start of Year 10 of the Afghanistan War: here.

Michael Moore: A Senseless War Begins Its 10th Year: here.

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