Bat feeding video

This video from the USA says about itself:

This video discusses recent research completed by S. Santana, B. Dumont, and J. Davis from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst on models of bat feeding. They generated models of how the bat jaw functions, especially in relation fo different muscles that bats use to feed on different food items, such as soft or hard prey. This work shows how one can effectively build multi-dimensional models of complex animal behaviors.

This paper will be valuable to a broad range of evolutionary biologists, morphologists, and ecologists.

To access this paper click here.

This is a video about bats in Eelde, the Netherlands.

Traffic noise reduces bats’ ability to locate their prey, say scientists: here.

November 2010. “Bats hibernate at this time of the year and they often use hollow trees like beech trees and ash,” said Robin Moffit, Bat Conservation Trust. “People think that with the breeding season over, that it is safe to cut trees. We are saying please check before you do that – a bat’s life could depend on it”: here.

The endangered lesser horseshoe bat has seen a 10% spike in numbers over the past year at just one site between Brecon and Crickhowell in the Upper Usk Valley: here.

February 2012: The discovery of a lesser horseshoe bats in Cheshire for the first time in more than half a century has been described as ‘extremely exciting’ by the county’s Wildlife Trust: here.

Australia: one woman’s campaign to save rare and endangered micro-bats: here.

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