US soldiers wanted for death of Spanish cameraman

In this music video from Spain, singer Paco Ibañez sings during a meeting in memory of Jose Couso near the United States embassy in Madrid.

A Spanish judge Tuesday stepped up pressure on the police organization Interpol to arrest three US soldiers whom he accuses of unlawfully killing Spanish cameraman Jose Couso during the Iraq war: here.

It was in August of last year when I first wrote in the Morning Star about Jose Couso, the Telecinco news cameraman who was killed on April 8 2003 after being hit and fatally wounded by a shell from a US Mark 1 Abrams tank fired at the Hotel Palestine in Baghdad: here.

The European Court of Human Rights rejected an appeal on Monday against its ruling that the British government breached the rights of two men it handed over to the Iraqi authorities knowing they faced possible execution: here.

Iraqi officials have reported growing fears that the military could stage a coup in response to the seven-month-long deadlock in forming a new government in Baghdad: here.

Iraq, Afghanistan among 22 Food-Insecure Countries: here.

Working class film legends offer new Iraq thriller: here.

Can it be that American military bases abroad, usually thought of as “stabilizers” in tough neighborhoods, are really the primary cause of radical terrorism against the US and its allies? Here.

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