Military coup attempt in Ecuador

This video is the film THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED, about the attempted Rightist military putsch in 2002 in Venezuela.

After the Pinochet military dictatorship in Chile … after the failed Rightist military attempt in Venezuela to oust democratically elected President Chavez … after the military dictatorship which overthrew democratically elected President Zelaya of Honduras last year … today, an attempt to replace the democratically elected Leftist government of Ecuador with a dictatorship.

Attempted Coup in Ecuador: On the Ground Report from Sofia Jarrin: listen here.

PRESS RELEASE: Obama Administration Should Oppose Any Attempted Coup in Ecuador: here.

Update: according to Dutch NOS TV, the coup attempt seems to be mainly the work of some elements in the police; while the army commander has said that the supports elected President Correa.

Ecuador declares state of emergency: here.

Translation of ALAI article “Ecuador: Attempted Coup”: here.

In a move that could reshape the way the United States deals with post-coup governments, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a bill that would make it easier to provide aid to countries ruled by military regimes: here.

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