Dutch Wilders MP arrested for violence

Marcial Hernandez on PVV leafletFrom DutchNews.nl:

PVV parliamentarian arrested for head butt

Thursday 30 September 2010

An MP for the anti-Islam PVV spent Wednesday night in a police cell after being involved in a fracas in the centre of The Hague, news agency ANP reports.

Marcial Hernandez, elected to parliament in June, is a former army officer. He was arrested after reportedly giving someone – said to be a civil servant from the economic affairs department, a head butt and was released on Thursday morning.

The other man is pressing charges, ANP said.

According to ANP, Hernandez was in the Kosovo and Afghanistan wars (as a major). It looks like this MP of this xenophobic party, the party of Geert Wilders, wants to bring the violence of those bloody wars to the Netherlands.

Wilders on trial: here.

The racist Freedom Party won more than a quarter of the vote in local elections in Vienna on Sunday on the back of a hate-mongering campaign: here.

The Rise of Racists and Islamophobes in Europe: How the Right Thrives on Crisis: here.

Extreme Opinions: Right-Wing Attitudes On the Rise in Germany: here.

5 thoughts on “Dutch Wilders MP arrested for violence

  1. Demonstrations expected during Christian Democrat conference

    Friday 01 October 2010

    Arnhem council has issued six permits for demonstrations on Saturday during the Christian Democrat party conference on the new government agreements between the CDA, VVD and anti-islam PVV, the Volkskrant reports.

    At least 4,000 members are expected to attend the conference and tents are being erected outside the Rijnhal to take the overflow, the paper says.

    Meanwhile, prominent Christian Democrats have been making their voting intentions clear. Former prime minister Dries van Agt and current justice minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin will vote against their party working with the anti-Islam PVV.

    ‘I would not recommend my party go along with this, and I will let my vote be seen,’ Hirsch Ballin said.

    Social affairs minister Piet Hein Donner, transport minister Camiel Eurlings and former parliamentary leader Elco Brinkman will all vote for the new cabinet.



  2. Wilders’ trial verdict postponed

    Friday 01 October 2010

    The verdict in Geert Wilders’ trial for inciting hatred will be announced two days later than originally planned, the Amsterdam court said on Friday.

    The leader of the PVV anti-Islam party faces five charges of religious insult and anti-Muslim incitement in the trial, which begins on Monday. The court says it needs seven days to hear the evidence.

    The original date for the verdict was November 2, the day on which film maker Theo van Gogh was killed in 2004 by a muslim extremist. But the court denies this is the reason, reports the Telegraaf.

    A spokesman for the court said an extra day, October 21, is needed for the hearing, delaying the verdict by two days.



  3. Dutch coalition links with Wilders

    Netherlands: The Christian Democrat Party (CDA) has voted to join a minority Cabinet led by the pro-business VVD party, with tacit support from Geert Wilders’s anti-Islam Freedom Party.

    They have announced a blueprint to curtail immigration and make major spending cuts.

    A majority of 5,000 members of the party voted in favour at a convention in Arnhem, although there was significant opposition.

    CDA MPs will make a final decision next week.

    Mr Wilders stands trial on Monday over an anti-Muslim hate speech.



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