European workers fight for their rights

This video from Spain says about itself:

Workers in Madrid start their general strike by closing shops on 29 September 2010. They are chanting “Close!” and “Strike!”

Over 10 million workers staged a general strike in Spain on Wednesday in response to vicious government attacks on their rights and pensions: here.

Union-led rallies in defence of working peoples’ hard-won rights and against pay freezes rocked cities the length and breadth of Europe on Wednesday: here.

The halls of EU power in Brussels trembled to the footsteps of more than 100,000 workers on Wednesday as they converged from across Europe to reject crippling austerity cuts: here.

Europeans Protest Budget Cuts: here.

4 thoughts on “European workers fight for their rights

  1. All out in Portugal on November 24

    Portugal: The most comprehensive shutdown of public services in more than 20 years is on the cards after the two largest trade union alliances agreed to join in a general strike on November 24.

    The General Workers’ Union announced late on Thursday that it would be joining the strike called last week to protest against government plans to raise taxes and cut pay and welfare benefits.


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