Save the Madagascar pochard

From Wildlife Extra:

Rescuing the Madagascar Pochard – A short film

27/09/2010 14:40:37

September 2010. A short film of last year’s mission to Madagascar to rescue the endemic pochard from imminent extinction has been posted on YouTube. It tells the story of the team of WWT and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust staff who worked with the local Malagasy community and the support of The Peregrine Fund to take clutches of eggs into captivity to establish a safety net population.

The team are currently back in Madagascar to establish a major conservation project to breed birds, restore wetlands and ultimately reintroduce the pochard within its former range.

Help support their work in Madagascar by donating to their Madagascar pochard appeal.

August 2014: A study of the world’s rarest bird – the Madagascar pochard – has revealed that 96 per cent of the chicks die before fledging: here.

September 2010: A river in Madagascar has just become a Ramsar site – the first river in the country to do so. The Convention of Wetlands of International Importance is an intergovernmental treaty to help conserve wetlands and their resources and is known as the Ramsar Convention: here.

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