Killing United States citizens without trial

This video says about itself:

The Obama administration has approved a program that authorizes the CIA and the military to hunt and kill individuals who have suspected links to terrorism anywhere in the world, even in countries that are far away from any war zone or battlefield. Key details about the program — including who can be targeted and how much evidence is required to put a name on the “kill list” — remain secret. The policy violates international law and, at least when it comes to U.S. citizens, also violates the Constitution.

More information:

The Obama administration has invoked the “state secrets” doctrine in an effort to halt court proceedings that call into question its policy of “targeted killings” of individuals around the world, including US citizens: here.

The major voice of what passes for liberalism in America openly defends the right of the US government to assassinate anyone it pleases: here.

ACLU to Obama: You Can’t Just Kill Citizens Whenever: here.

The dismissal Tuesday of a lawsuit that challenged the Obama administration’s targeted killing program underscores the decay of democratic processes in the United States: here.

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