Israeli censorship of Black Panther art

Interview with Reuven Abergel, founder of the Israeli Black Panthers from Alia Lahlou on Vimeo.


Museum of Israeli Art Cancels Black Panther Exhibition

By Kate Deimling

Published: September 27, 2010

RAMAT-GAN, Israel— The Museum of Israeli Art has announced the cancellation of an interdisciplinary show about the country's Black Panther movement that was in development for over a year, Haaretz reports. Inspired by the American group whose name they borrowed, Israel's Black Panther party was a 1970s protest organization of North African immigrants who charged the Ashkenazi elite with discrimination and agitated for social justice.

The contemporary artists recruited to participate in the exhibition that was slated to open last week include Sigalit Banai, Josef Dadon, Meir Gal, Itzik Badash, Dor Guez, Dafna Shalom, Meir Tati, Anisa Ashkar, and Roni Somek.

Shlomit Lir, a Ph.D. candidate at Bar-Ilan University, organized the exhibition and held meetings at the museum with Reuven Abergil, a former leader of the Black Panthers, and Nissim Musak, who produced a film about the movement. Lir told Haaretz that she "wanted something that would pave the way for a public discussion of the activities of the Black Panthers through contemporary art, all within the confines of the familiar and official space provided by the museum." She hopes to find a home for the exhibition — which was to have included educational programs, lectures, film screenings, and poetry symposia — elsewhere.

This is a video about Emory Douglas, the US Black Panthers, and art.

USA: Few people know about women’s leadership in the Party’s education and free breakfast programs for children. Even fewer are aware that Elaine Brown chaired the party for three years in Huey Newton’s absence and used her authority to place other women in leadership positions and to combat the sexist behavior of male party members: here.

USA: Former Black Panther leader Elaine Brown awarded $3.75 million after councilwoman assaulted her: here.

3 thoughts on “Israeli censorship of Black Panther art

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    Dozens of peace activists gathered on the beach near Ashdod port, to which the Jewish Peace Ship is being towed by the Israeli Navy, to protest the capture of the ship and the continued blockade of Gaza, which has turned it into a huge prison with no entry or exit. The activists held signs with the captions: “Medicines – A Security Risk?”, “Let Gaza Live,” The blockade and the construction on settlements destroy us all,” “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.” Later the demonstrators moved to the gates of Ashdod Port where they currently remain.

    The government does not miss any opportunity to present to the world the ugly, aggressive and brutal face of Israel. Israel’s security would not have been damaged in the least – quite the contrary – if the peace activists on the ship had been allowed to reach Gaza as the respected guests of its Palestinian residents. The sailors who are now shackled and led to detention for their support for peace, save a small measure of the dignity of the State of Israel and of Judaism, whose name Binyamin Netanyahu bears in vain.

    Phone numbers for contact at Ashdod Port:

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    Adam Keller, Gush Shalom spokesperson): 054-234 9750


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